#32. [Lewd] Issho ni Nete mo Ii desu ka? (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

It was a rough week for me and the group because I lost my home internet, and NieR: Automata is region-locked so I can’t access its Steam store page. I can’t buy it regardless since I’m poorer than someone on welfare. Literal third-world problems. ;_;

At least there’s KaeYuri, right?


This is for you, KaeYuri fans!

KaeYuri is definitely a popular couple, but doujins, especially lewd ones, are very rare compared to RanYuri doujins. Fortunately we got ourselves a copy of what we think the only lewd KaeYuri doujin out there. There were guest pages and shorts, but we think this is the first full doujin featuring Kaede and Yurika in a state of undress. So yay for that!

But seriously, I’m a big KaeYuri supporter and I want the two of them be happy forever.

…I’m not totally implying I’m supportive of KaeYuri because I want Ran to be with Aoi.


We have the physical copy of Issho ni Nete mo Ii desu ka? and we actually never bothered picking this up for translation until one of the doujin uploaders anya_ decided to share their high quality scans. So yay for that as well!


Name: Mayu
Circle/Group: trotpony
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ma_yu_yu
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[Mega] Issho ni Nete mo Ii desu ka? (Aikatsu!)


#31. [Cute] LemonyLip Lovers (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!
[Cute] SumiNap! (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!
Aikatsu Stars! Insert Song 4 – FUYU-COLLE is OUT!!!

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