3 short doujinshi or 1 long doujinshi poll Pt. 2

RanYuri02Let’s even the playing field, shall we?

I made a post regarding my interest of a particular lengthy doujinshi and looking at it, I made it seem I’m giving the readers to vote for the not-yet-revealed doujinshi (I think you know once you check the artist’s works). Took keep things balanced, I’ll make this post favoring voting for short doujinshi and their monthly translations.

Ran_museSee this list? Lots of stuff to translate (more to come, so please donate) and some of them, while short, offer funny, dramatic or lewd scenarios that only Japanese fans can think of. Even though we’re still understaffed, we try to deliver one doujinshi per month. It’s not really, I dunno, satisfying because if there are no digital copies, it’s painful to pull out my hair dryer and rip the pages. I was very sad I had to rip the pages of Kirei Kawaii Kakkoii and see the laminated cover all distorted because the dryer melted it. But it was a sacrifice I had to make. You did like the RanSora doujin, right? RIGHT?! (I think I’m going off topic here…)

gorgeousAnyways, if you want Lazy Lily to work on that lengthy doujin, you, the readers, will end up getting less books per year and with less variety. We try to offer variety by giving you books of your favorite couples. We released an Ichigo x Aoi book, a Seira x Kii book, a Ran x Yurika book, a Ran x Sora book, a Ran x Yurika x Kaede book, and an Ichigo x Mizuki book.


We are looking forward for more popular or obscure couples like Ran x Aoi, Asuza x Sumire, Hina x Juri, Miyabi x Kokone or even a Sora x Mikuru. You really want 1 lengthy book over 3 short books with various stories?

Aoi Pls4I think I could have worded this article a bit better, but I believe I got my message through.

Which will it be? Vote away.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs