#29. Idol wa Renshuu ga Inochi! (Aikatsu Stars!) is OUT!!!

So I looked high and low, left and right, in and out, and I’m fully confident we’re the very first to translate an Aikatsu Stars! doujin!

This book is very short, but it’s an amusing read involving Mahiru and Rola practicing… things…

That’s pretty much the story and I do hope you enjoy the book despite its brevity. And yeah, first ever Aikatsu Stars! doujin translation!

On a side note, we used a digital copy of the book and we decided to link the full original resolution. If you read on your phone or tablet often, go download the 2000px version. And if you want the 4900px version, be sure to read it using an 8K monitor or something.


Name: Pallas
Circle/Group: G-Scramble
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pallas5
Store page(s): []


[Mega] Idol wa Renshuu ga Inochi! (Aikatsu Stars!)
[Mega] Idol wa Renshuu ga Inochi! [Hi-Res] (Aikatsu Stars!) (link fixed)


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