#28. [Cute] Stay with you. (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

The best way to start the new year is sharing an IchiAo book! And like any other year, we start our translation endeavors with an IchiAo book because hey, it’s already a Lazy Lily Fansubs tradition! Yes, the book that was delayed for Christmas 2016 is, well, no longer delayed!

This also marks our third year of scanlation! Technically we translated a chapter of Sakura Trick around late 2013, but we were still fansubbing back then and scanlation was a secondary affair. So yeah, 2017 is another year for Aikatsu! doujinshi translation, and uh, another long year with tons of new doujinshi coming out, especially books for Aikatsu Stars! So, uh, if you like what we’re doing, please donate something so we can use it to buy more doujins! It’s a win-win deal, right? RIGHT?!


Simply put it, Stay with you. is a reminder at how cute and beautiful IchiAo is, and an example why they’re one of the best couples around. If you’re looking for a cozy doujin to start 2017, then Stay with you. is the book for you! I can’t tell you the rest of the details because I’ll just spoil your enjoyment. But on the technical side of things though, this book is one of the rarest book out there because it can only be bought in one of the Aikatsu-only events. Unfortunately we were unable to find the other books made by Ryonko. I mean, seriously, they make very cute IchiAo art and stories.


Name: Ryonko
Circle/Group: On the myg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mo27be
Store page(s): [EVENT ONLY]


[Mega] Stay with you. (Aikatsu!)


Big thanks to the folks at our Discord server for helping us patch up this doujin. Seriously, this book was rather difficult to translate. And speaking of Discord, why not drop by for a visit? We’re already the 3rd search result at Google when searching for “aikatsu discord” so we might as well start working as a dedicated server for anything Aikatsu!. You can use Discord through browser, so there’s no need to install the program. See you there!


This doujin was translated by our new member Lust Demon and the good news is he’ll be in charge of translating Sakura Trick manga! How many chapters are we going to share per month? It depends, but we’ll make sure you guys will have something to read every month.


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