#27. [Cute] Double Bind (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!



We didn’t forget this spooky holiday and we’re just in time to give you guys a treat!

Last year we shared a very short story involving Akari and vampire Sumire. That story was an extra from a doujin that we didn’t translate at the time (we eventually translated it), and admittedly it was a half-assed attempt to share something for Halloween. To redeem ourselves, we translated this very rare doujin that’s very appropriate for this occasion. Lazy Lily Fansubs proudly present you “Double Bind” by yui.

Photokatsu announced a Halloween event featuring Yurika and Seira around the first week of October and I was reminded of a rare doujinshi called Double Bind. It tells the story of Ran discovering Yurika’s vampire self, and realizing Ran’s true feelings towards the vampire idol. Is Yurika a real vampire or is she suffering from multiple personality disorder, or is she just a hardcore chuunibyou? Only Ran knows the answer to that question.

Before we get to the links, we actually translated chapter 1.5 last year, so once you’re done reading Double Bind, go check out Double Bind Dream. You can find the link here, or down below.

Enjoy, everyone, and enjoy Halloween!


Name: yui
Circle/Group: marine-drive.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yui_i_dol
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=498859
Store page(s): [EVENT ONLY]


[Mega] Double Bind (Aikatsu!)
[Mega] Double Bind Dream (Aikatsu!)

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