#21. [Cute] Hey! little grrr! (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!


Hattori Yuu needs more love!

Shall I go on record that we’re the first to translate a Yuu-centric book? It’s not a big accomplishment, but hey, first is first!

Geinoujin wa Card ga Inochi! 10 aka Aikatsu!-only Doujinshi Event 10 is a few days away, and aside from RanAo stories, HinaJuri stories, and other books I want (because no one ever asked me to buy something they want), I have my eyes set on a Hattori Yuu Anthology book. It goes to show that Yuu, despite lacking screen time, she is loved by fans and they’re showing that love by making this very well-made anthology book. We’ll buy the Hattori Yuu Anthology book as soon as it’s available and, Aoi-willing, we’ll translate it. It’s a tall order, but if there’s a will, and if there are people interested in helping, there will always be a way.

And to show my love for the blonde fanged-rocker girl, Lazy Lily has translated this short Yuu book for, uh, you to read. This is an alternate version of episode 122: “Vampire Mystery” featuring Yuu as the main character instead of Juri, and that’s it. Have I told you Yuu is one of my favorite girls in the Akari Generation? Anyway, it’s pretty straightforward and fun to read. I hope you’ll have fun reading this as well!

Oh and belated 4th of July!


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[Mega] Hey! little grrr! (Aikatsu!)


Aikatsu Stars! Insert Song 1 – HARU-COLLE is OUT!!!
Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! Single Series 06 – Aoi Ichigo is OUT!!!
Aikatsu! Secret Story Chapter 01 is OUT!!!

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