2017 Poll Results and New Polls for 2018

The results for the polls in 2017 are in!

Yeah, these polls sort of overstayed their welcome, but I wanna make sure that it’s certain which entry is the definite winner.

To the results!


Of the four season collections for Aikatsu Stars S1, Aki-Colle is the best album according to voters, with Fuyu-Colle coming in second. It was a tough battle initially with Fuyu-Colle leading, but as months went by, Aki-Colle took over with 75 votes versus Fuyu-Colle’s 56 votes.

Fuyu-Colle is a great album with songs like Kimi wo Lock On and TSU-BO-MI ~Azayaka na Mirai e~, but sadly Aki-Colle’s Dreaming bird was just too powerful of a song.


Ichigo x Aoi won by a landslide with 260 votes and Ran x Aoi with 103 votes coming in second. *cough* and Me x Aoi coming in last. *cough*

It’s a no-brainer IchiAo won, but it’s nice there are also supporters for RanAo. And it was also nice I got 62 votes. :3


Out goes the finished polls, and in comes the new ones. Now, these polls aren’t random, so voting carefully will influence what content we’re going to share in 2018.

Which series you want to see doujins of? — OG Aikatsu! is over and its spin-off series Aikatsu Stars! is still ongoing, so we’re wondering which of the two series you want to see doujins of. Whichever gets the most votes will get top priority, so vote either Aikatsu! or Aikatsu Stars!.

What type of doujins do you prefer? — This is a very straightforward poll and, again, whichever gets the most votes will be prioritized. If you want just cute stuff without the porn, then vote for “Cute”. But if you want porn, vote for “Lewd.”


At our current pace and resources, we’re going to provide 12 doujinshi scanlations for 2018, so we’ll still going to translate doujins of a series/content despite not having the highest votes. However, the losing entries will still be at low priority and we’ll focus on the winning entries. Let’s say 30% of our doujinshi releases for 2018 are from the losing side.

I’m completely aware that not everyone liked Aikatsu Stars!, but we’re going to give its doujinshi a chance by putting this condition into effect.

Hm, so that’s about it. Happy voting, everyone!

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs


I love Aikatsu Stars!, by the way. S2 is way better than S1.