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Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! – Special 02 is OUT!!!


Redoing these specials is like going back to the old days, and man, we weren’t really that careful with our editing. I think we sorta fixed some of the lines here and there, so this version should be a bit better than the original fansubs.

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! – Special 01 is OUT!!!


Do you guys still remember that time when Lazy Lily Fansubs was looking for a certain Juuden-chan BD that was bundled with the Juuden-chan manga (last volume, I think)?

We actually got a hold of the BD, and well…

Lazy Lily Fansubs @ Discord (Discord-katsu?)


Chat with us @

So, uh, I heard of this Discord thing, and decided to make a channel for Lazy Lily Fansubs. If Twitter isn’t your thing and, well, if you wanna chat with me (SHiN) and the staff, and other folks sharing the same interest of Aikatsu!, yuri, and video games, and at the same time get doujinshi, news, and other announcements, then Discord is probably a good option.

I’m practically new at Discord, so I’m currently not too familiar with the system and I’m still figuring out how everything works. Nevertheless, I got Lazy Lily Fansubs @ Discord all set up for, uh, public consumption…? Anyway…

The Lazy Lily Fansubs Discord server has 3 channels, each with their own use:

#announcements — For doujinshi releases, fansub releases, etc.
#general-katsu — Main chat room. Talk about Aikatsu!, anime, and video games
#lewd-katsu — Channel for lewd yuri-only stuff

I don’t think I need to remind you that Lazy Lily Fansubs handles porn, so if you’re under-aged, well, you’ve been warned. I ain’t your momma, or poppa (if you prefer that).

So that’s pretty much it. I’ll keep the channels active and hopefully they’ll be populated by a lot of people.

Drop by, if you’re curious!

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

[News] Aikatsu!-only Event 11 and Halloween-katsu


Event Website

Just a quick update for you AIkatsu! doujinshi readers out here.


The 11th Aikatsu!-only is coming this 20th of November, and I’m letting you guys know (try to guess where this topic is going) that there are a shit-ton of new books coming out. My loot from Event 10 is still with my friend in Japan, so we may end up getting more books and add them to the old pile.


Chances are we’ll avoid buying new ones because, well, no dosh. Donating helps us get more books… Maybe I should add a subtitle for these donation posts… Beg-katsu?


My plan was to translate chapter 3 of Secret Story, but we’re skipping it and translate a doujin that’s Halloween-themed. Please expect a translation before the 31st of October.

That is all.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily

#26. [Lewd] Kokoro no Doukasen (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!


It’s been a widely accepted fact AkaSumi is the OTP, and to show Lazy Lily Fansubs’ approval of this pairing… Well, why not translate a doujinshi about them? And pick a lewd one while we’re at it?

Aikatsu! Original Soundtrack – Aikatsu! no Ongaku!! 04 is OUT!!!


I’m very sure you’re well aware by now we get our rips from our patron Kiwi over at Twitter. Their help was a godsend and saved us a lot of trouble, but this time, it’s our turn to help them by…


Buying the CD ourselves, of course! Actually, this is our very first rip using our very own CD and I think I this release is a bit special… for the brief moment because some other idiot will just take our stuff and re-brand them as their rips—*cough* Where was I? Oh yes!

This rip is a bit special because our very first Aikatsu! music rip was OST 2 and OST 4, this one, will be our last music rip for OG Aikatsu!. Why is that? This is the last album for the anime, for real this time. I got all teary for a bit that because we won’t be seeing more OG Aikatsu! music (and potentially more anime) any more. Photokatsu is an exception because it’s not an anime series. Why is this is the last? Read on, dear readers.

Aikatsu! Secret Story Chapter 02 is OUT!!!


Are you itching for something official for once? Then here is chapter 02 of Aikatsu! Secret Story!

And seriously… we really, really, really, REALLY need the Pucchigumi Aikatsu! manga scans so we can, well, obviously translate those after we’re done with Secret Story.

Aoi-checksPRETTY PLEASE? ;_;

Sakura Trick Volume 5 – Chapter 08 is OUT!!!


It’s a relief that we’re finally done!

Is it really necessary to provide a torrent version of our manga releases? The zip files are less than 10 MB and majority of you folks read them in online readers anyways. By the way, if you do read them in online readers, especially the ones who butcher the quality, please pay Lazy Lily a visit after reading and say something about the chapter, and perhaps donat—*ahem*. I’m not gonna check every one of them readers just to read your comments! Just saying! Oh and did you know I have a personal blog?

Anyway, that’s enough self-promotion! It’s time for some Sakura Trick!

About Sakura Trick manga…

[Lazy Lily] Sakura Trick - 10 [720p][2x Subs][v2][4AF0E06E].mkv_snapshot_11.18_[2016.08.30_20.57.50]

Let’s talk about Sakura Trick, folks. Sit down and enjoy whatever stuff you’re drinking.

Chapter 43 is still coming and chances are we’ll release it around the first week of September. Yeah, we get it, we’re supposed to share this monthly, but, you know, unless you give me Aoi merch (physical or digital), delays are inevitable.

Don’t take that way too seriou—GIVE ME AOI STUFF NO—*ahem*

#25. [Cute] sweet bitter kiss II (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!


Oh hey, we’re actually working on the sequels of the books we translated last year. Now isn’t that nice! Speaking of sequels, do you want to read the double bind trilogy (RanYuri)?

We do apologize for not pulling another 4 doujinshi a month-thingy like we did last month because, well, despite having reizen to translate our stuff, we do need more crew like a TLC’er, QC’er and Cleaner. So yeah, if you’re interested in helping out, lend a us a hand. For more info, please go here.

Right then, sweet bitter kiss II is the direct continuation of Ran discovering the gay and how is she gonna handle the lilies. Ran continued facing obstacles like everyone around her is obviously gay (obviously) andit’s not a good idea to stop someone wanting to have a picnic on a sunny day. This book is very well-written that it took a lot of effort and help from /u/ to finish and I hope you’ll like this book!

Before we get to the links though, the author stated in the doujin that the 3rd book is the finale, but…